Derma rolling (also known as micro needling) is a minimally invasive therapeutic approach that helps promote new collagen formation by creating micro punctures in your skin. It’s effective because it works universally on all skin types,

although It caution darker skin tones to practice sun-safe habits after treatment as they may be more prone to hyper-pigmenting. Derma rolling also allows for better absorption of other products, so active and hydrating ingredients will penetrate your skin more effectively.

Our roller needles are titanium needles which are the highest quality and most efficient of the needle’s material provided on the market.

Thanks to a powerful blend of active ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, collagen and a combination of natural oils and plant extracts which instantly boost with our innovative OxyPro technology contains a unique formulation of oxygen and special peptides combined to work nonstop to enable skin cells to absorb active ingredients more effectively, with immediate effect.

First use our special derma roller (within the lip lines) over your lips.

Then apply the Do Pro Lip Lift Stick or the boosting lip gloss for a professional effect to infuse and enhance the effectiveness for optimal benefits.

promotes new collagen and elastin formation and stimulates blood circulation.

Both products have a roller and active ingredients.

The DoPro Lip Lift Stick gives your lips a matte natural color

while the DoPro Boosting Lip Gloss gives them a shining look.

It’s best to start your derma rolling.journey slowly to avoid over-exfoliating or damaging your skin.

We suggest starting using the roller once a day on the first week. As you become more confident using your derma roller (and if your skin tolerates the treatment well), you can increase to daily use.

Derma rolling helps with skin rejuvenation, encourage collagen production, acne [scarring] and other scarring, enlarged pores, wrinkles, and even stretch marks. Once the skin is punctured, it reacts with stimulate blood circulation and collagen, which helps regenerate new skin cells to repair the skin. Mature skin can majorly benefit from dermarolling, as the surge of collagen helps improve the skin’s elasticity, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and even give you a radiant glow!

The thickening process is the result deriving from the Vitamin B6 which induces the stimulation of the blood circulation in the lips area and therefore enables the penetration of the active components, among which: collagen-building components, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and moisture which give volume and a unique balance to the lips.

Yes. The thickening process occurs a few minutes after the application following which the lips are thickened, their natural color is highlighted (pinkish shade) and they look more sensual and healthier than ever. However, maximum results can be achieved after a month of use.

A mild tingling sensation can be felt for the first minutes after the application of the product. This sensation is natural and proves the effectiveness of the components. After several uses, the tingling sensation diminishes, indicating the absorption of a significant part of the components by the lips.

If the product gets in contact with the skin (outside the line of the lips), a mild redness may appear on the skin which will go away after a short time, fifteen to thirty minutes.

Yes. You can apply the products together with a regular lipstick of any color, which will highlight the lips aspect and give them a very sensual looking. Read more in Directions for use for each lip product.

It’s best to start your derma rolling journey slowly to avoid over-exfoliating or damaging your skin. We suggest starting using the roller once a day on the first week. As you become more confident using your derma roller (and if your skin tolerates the treatment well), you can increase to daily use.

You can apply the products (without the roller) as many times as you want, with no limit. For maximum results, you should use the product at least twice a day for one months.

Yes. There are differences in the thickening results among users, the thickening percentage being individual and deriving from the lips structure of each and every one.

Step 1: Clean the derma roller with a cosmetic alcohol spray.

Step 2: Cleanse and tone your skin.

Step 3: Using even, gentle movements, guide the roller up, down, and diagonally across the skin, always lifting off the skin before changing directions.

Step 4: Apply Do Pro serum/ do pro lip lift stick/ do pro lip gloss

Step 5: Clean the derma roller using rubbing alcohol.

Areas to avoid or circumstances in which you shouldn’t derma roll include, Active acne, active herpes or other local infections, history of keloids or hypertrophic scarring, and immunosuppression (poor immune system.

A unique formulation of active oxygen and peptides developed through our extensive research and innovative OxyPro technology.

OxyPro technology ensures a sustained effect that dramatically boosts active ingredients efficacy, providing both immediate and long-lasting effects.</br>You will feel a mild tingling sensation, indicating a powerful blend is penetrating your skin.

In each treatment you will find an active serum combined with a professional roller our design patent that helps the active ingredients penetrate the deeper layers of the skin (Boost In). Finish with an active nourishing cream that supports the top layer of your skin with an extra OxyPro boost to complete and strengthen the action and promotes new collagen and elastin formation (Boost – over).

To maximize and enhance these two steps, we recommend using our professional active masks once or twice a week.

When the product runs out, we recommend ending the use of a drama roller and placing it in the designated bin.

The recommendation to stop using the roller when the serum, lipstick or lip gloss is finished is because of the need to replace it every few months, as over time the drama roller becomes less effective.

We will be happy for you to purchase the product that incorporates a roller again.

We prefer to use a smooth stone roller instead of a drama roller with tiny needles in some of the products. The smoothing stone roller is made of a special stone that has healing properties for the skin and helps stimulate blood circulation, reduce swelling and helps absorb the ingredients in the product.

Our smooth stone roller helps improve the lymphatic system of skin. With gentle but effective movements you can reduce puffiness around the eyes and the entire facial area. The result is firmer skin and a more radiant appearance.

  • In Drama Lip Roller is recommended to use once a day

  • Drama Eye Roller is recommended to use twice a week in the evening. It is advisable to use sunscreen during the day.